Memes: The Best Medicine

I think I just discovered a new way for me to get closure with my pet-peeves.


Over the last week or so I made a bunch of type memes (so our Facebook page would have something on it) and I made this baby:

The term "ambivert" has driven me crazy for the past year or so. Every time someone mentions it I want to slap my palm to my face. If someone starts talking about "ambiverts" that tells me that they missed those whole point of the introvert/extravert talk. But that's another discussion. The point is, I hate it like kittens hate baths.

But today I heard the word somewhere and didn't roll my eyes or barf in my mouth. And I think it's all thanks to this little meme.

I was finally able to get the thought —no, the feeling— out. I was able to express it. And now it's out there on it's own, sharing the feeling for me. I don't have to carry it anymore.

So I guess, if you're ready to get over some of your pet-peeves, make a meme!