Type in Mind started out as Bre and Beckett diving deep into the Cognitive Functions and seeing just how useful they could be to people. They became friends in 2009 while both in Redding, CA for college. Since then we've refined our focus to helping Entrepreneurs succeed in all things people-centric. We've also gotten married! ;)

As of mid-2015, our team has grown to four! Iris and Rebecca are our "geniuses in training", and we're excited to unleash them on the world.


Da Boss

Originally from Ireland, Beckett is a TiNe (INTP) mastermind. He likes Googling everything, reading Orson Scott Card books, playing Go, and programming.

When he's not explaining the mysteries of the human psyche, you'll find him practicing Swedish or in the kitchen making bacon, steak, or (paleo) cookies.

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El Presidente

When she's not typing characters from shows, Bre spends her free time reading kids' books, playing with her dog, and wishing she was in Ireland.

Bre's an FiSe (ISFP) and has a background in camera operation and technical-directing. She now works online so she's free to travel the world and not wear pants (each done separately).

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Magical Unicorn of Implementation

Iris Strauss is an FeSi (ESFJ) from Austin, TX, where she lives with her husband, Andrew, and cat, Tibby. When she isn’t working or spending time with her family, she enjoys painting, writing, having in-depth conversations with good friends over coffee, planning dinner parties, and traveling to new cities. She is passionate about type theory and learning about what makes individuals tick. She has many and varied dreams, including living on a farm in the French countryside, opening a coffee bar with her husband, and publishing a novel.



Partner In Crime

Rebecca Alexander is an NiFe (INFJ) who enjoys coffee dates with her hubby, snuggling with her toddler, funny conversations with her preschooler, and spending time alone writing, painting, or cooking. An Austin, TX native, she is on a never ending journey to incorporate as many of her passions into daily life as she can, while supporting her favorite people in pursuing theirs, and still getting dinner on the table on time.