Beckett Hanan has been one of the few people who have impressed me from the very start. He understands the underlying traits that make up being who we are. It is not many who I have talked to about personality types and been impressed with more than him.
— -Jonathan Drake // Founder of How To Move The Needle // Bayfield, Colorado

I have to thank you for your personality work and type advice to me over the last 2 years.

Understanding my dominant & primary functions has been so helpful. It’s given me the freedom to insert my real self into my work and use my dominant functions to make important judgments about work-related and business decisions. Which so far have been vindicated.

It’s proven invaluable too over the last year. Whereas for years my internal feelings have translated into headaches or body aches & stress and depression, I’m now able to see how my 2 dominant functions are dancing arm-in-arm. When I learn to read my body and feel those feelings with more accuracy, I get freed from all kinds of stuff.

This week for example I’m letting go of tons of head & neck stress & pain that have been there for years, screwing up every hour of my day, interfering with my work, making me mildly depressed, weak, antisocial.

And I can let go of it now because I am able to connect the dots now between my feeling and my sensing.

Weird but super cool. I’m kind of addicted to this whole mindhacking thing. The benefits are just too good.
— Bryan Todd // President of Perry S. Marshall & Associates // Lincoln, NE
I have found Beck to have a profound ability to identify the links that connect people in their efforts to establish effective communication with one another. Beck’s ability to understand widely varying personality types and provide strategies to overcome and connect in spite of those differences is unparalleled in my experience.

As a marketing and communications director in Redding, California, I had the opportunity to work directly with Beck for a prolonged period of time and found his input into various communication challenges invaluable. Not only did his input and guidance have a significant impact on my professional success, it has also affected my personal relationships and helped bridge many communication gaps, thus resulting in healthier and more enjoyable relationships.

You will find Beckett to be excellent in his ability to provide practical solutions that are easy to implement in any area where you may be experiencing communication or relationship challenges, be they professional or personal.
— Nathan Parmelee (FeNi) // Marketing & Talent Director // Redding Civic Auditorium // Redding, California
You explained my type whilst also pointing out traits that others tend to miss, ignore, or refuse. You also decimated common stereotypes. Nicely done.
— An anonymous TeSi
I’ve always enjoyed personality tests and I’ve taken a lot of them. Over the years, the results have remained consistent. I always thought I was an INFJ, that I fit that personality profile to a T, and was very content with my results. And then a few months ago, I had a conversation with Beckett on Skype about type. He just asked a few questions about how I interact with my friends, how I think about things, and just a few other questions. Long story short, I’m not an INFJ like I’ve believed for the last 10 or so years, I’m FeNi (ENFJ).

Maybe this distinction doesn’t sound very profound. It’s just the change of one letter right? But I realized that my core passion is people, and that I was fighting that natural bent. Processing through that realization, looking at why I was fighting myself, I walked away from my conversation with Beck with a whole different perspective.

And then I had the pleasure of talking with Beckett about my older brother’s type. My whole life, I’ve wanted to be friends with my older brother, but except for emergency situations, my brother and I have had trouble communicating with each other and understanding each other. After working on this relationship for literally 20 some years, I was about to throw in the towel. I was ready to conclude that I wasn’t meant to be close to my brother.

Then I had a short conversation with Beckett about my type vs my brother’s type. Zounds. For the first time in my life, I felt like I had an insight into how my brother functions. I began to realize that habits of his weren’t dysfunctional or backward, that he was just operating out of the core of his type. Knowing that his behavior was normal and actually REASONABLE, it helped me to stop picking at him, stop judging him, and begin to enjoy who he was.

Now I understand how to interact with him, I know how to communicate with him in a way that he appreciates, and I can fully appreciate who he is. The change in our relationship has been incredible. Honestly, he has become one of my best friends.

Just two short conversations over Skype and I have seen major results.
— Sam Flanagan (FeNi)
I used to have a terribly awkward chemistry with my boss. Thanks to Beck, my conversations with him are now 90% less awkward!
— An anonymous SiFe
Beckett Hanan helped me explore my personality, not by having me take an impersonal test, but by having a conversation with me. He didn’t seek to know my personality by trying to fit me into a type, but typed me by getting to know my personality, by asking me questions about how I think and feel. At the end of our discussion, I didn’t care so much about which type I fit into — I felt more confident about who I am as a distinct individual.
— Jo Chaput (FiNe)
Beckett is really good at what he does. I wasn’t sure of my type anymore because online tests just suck, so he offered to help me. He asked me questions in order to understand my way of thinking. I was glad when he told me I was a TiNe. His methods really do work, fellahs.
— Andrea Aurora (TiNe)
Beckett has got one of the best counseling programs that I know of. Caters to your needs, without you having to tell him what’s wrong. He’s the best there is. (=
— Daniel Rivero (NeTi)
I’d been studying type for over ten years and went all over the map trying to figure out which four letter code fit me best. Tests and online profiles were frustrating and confusing, as my behaviour varies depending on the circumstance and nothing was really tapping in to my motives and the inner workings of my mind. At best, these profiles and tests were presumptuous and at worst, offensive.

Enter Beck! When I first met Beck I thought I was INFP, then I started to wonder if I was an INFJ. I wasn’t sure about that though, and also kept wondering if I was T rather than F, and was I truly an introvert or perhaps just a demented extrovert? Beck was awesome at helping me sort through this. Beck asked questions and helped me figure out what kind of Thinking I used, and what kind of Feeling I used, and what kind of Perceiving I used, etc. Man, it all started to make so much sense!

Once I figured out that I had a huge preference for Introverted Thinking (Ti) but also for Introverted Intuition (Ni), and that I certainly did NOT have Introverted Feeling (Fi), it made sense that I was an INFJ: Introverted Intuition (Ni), Extroverted Feeling (Fe), Introverted Thinking (Ti), and Extroverted Sensing (Se).

Ta daa! Now I had new language and understanding for what made me tick, and instantly I was able to figure out new ways of coping with life, what things were unhealthy, why I had certain strengths and certain weaknesses. I even reconciled the fact that I have an NF temperament, and yet have a strong preference for Introverted Thinking that often connects me to NT types.

That’s what is so great about what Beck does. Beck’s not interested in fitting you into a box, he’s interested in figuring out what cognitive functions you use the most often, and in what order of preference. To him, if your behaviour breaks the mold of what your four letter code says you should act like, then the profile of your type is what needs adjusting.
— Dusty May Taylor (NiFe)